What age can Kids start?

At this time we are accepting students at age 10 and older.

How much experience should I have to start?

We have classes or training available to prepare Students and Athletes for competition on all levels of combat sports.

Can I sign up to come to Sparring Classes

No. Sparring times are for FIGHT HOUSE Team Members Only

What gear should i have?

Students will require 16oz Boxing gloves, Shin Pads,  Mouthpiece.  A Cup is recommended for Male students. Students should wear Spandex type pants/shorts under their training attire. MMA Training gloves are recommended for advanced students and fighters.


What kind of workout recovery and self-care can I do at home?

Fortunately, we've arranged a substantial discount for Catalyst Mixed Martial Arts members on Deep Recovery's unique sports massage tools. Please check them out! as a coach for details or just send an email to this address for help getting your tools: VIP@deeprecovery.com